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Why can I not connect using Secure FTP (sFTP)?

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sFTP operates over the SSH protocol to encrypt all information sent and received and as such any account that you wish to access via sFTP will require SSH access. Accounts are not created by default with SSH access however we will enable it on a per-account basis upon request.

As a part of our security plan at AdeptStation our SSH port is on 2233 as apposed to 22 to help prevent brute-force attacks that target the default SSH port and as such you will need to use port 2233 to access sFTP on any plan.

An alternative to sFTP is FTPES (FTP Explicit over SSL) which protects your FTP connection using the same SSL technology that protects your online orders and credit card transactions. This can be used without needing SSH access on the standard FTP Port 21.

If you need further assistance with this please contact support.

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